Learn to code with Mr.Garkel


Back in 1986, I was in Year 10, and I should have listened a little bit more to Mr. Garkel. He was my computer science teacher in year 10, 11 and 12. It was early days of the personal computer.

We were learning BASIC and Pascal (programming languages) and we used 5 1/4 floppy discs to store a maximum 130kb of data. It was nuts. You would write a bunch of lines of code so it looked like the computer was asking you questions. Seemed like really useless stuff to a 14 year old kid.
BASIC Code and Output SQ
But instead of honing my skills and truly learning, I sat at the back of the class and goofed around.

Yeah, sure, I could have built an awesome website at the peak of the dot.com bubble or even better, built a killer app before the iPhone even existed. Something my mum is quick to point out some 30 years later!

Today, Mark Zuckerberg will have us all believe that coding should be a language we all learn at school. Very noble Mark. Jodie herself has said that she would love to go back to the classroom and start learning a programming language.

As we continue to see massive advancements in technology, there is no doubt that programming languages sit at the core of how we interface with technology. From the bit of code that lets you unlock the door from your phone to the software that allows you to drive a car in autopilot. A bunch of geeks are constantly pecking away at their keyboards compiling lines and line sof software that produces amazing shit.

My preference is to skip the books and just team up with a great technical mind.