A scanner that measures antioxidants


The results are in from last weeks BioPhotonic antioxidant scanner. 

Last week Sally brought in this doovaldackey that measures your antioxidants by beaming light into your skin. It’s called a BioPhotonic Scanner. Nifty little device
Sally's Biophotonic Scanner FEAT
10,000 and you are in need of a change. Above 60,000 and you are a superfreak of a human nature.

I scored 44,000. So Jodie made me drink a gallon of spinach and parsley NutriBullet smoothies, eat kale chips and snack on chia seed and quinoa cookies all weekend. Oh joy.
Jodie scored 55,000 so she celebrated by having a glass of pinot grigio. Love your work.

I really can’t publicly shame the people who scored well below 20,000. At these low levels the chart says you eat low levels of fruit and vegetables, you don’t take any supplements, you probably smoke too much and are highly stressed. I can’t help you with the smoking but I’m happy to take you to the pub, shout you a beer, feed you a parma (with a healthy salad) which I guarantee will de-stress you. Works for me at least twice a week.

A special mention to the two Chris’s who scored over 60,000. Must be all that cycling into the office and staying off the booze. Well done guys.