Chatting to Gui Potard from Lofty Consulting


At our coffee meetup last week I got chatting to Gui who never ceases to surprise me.

Gui Lofty Consulting 800x500

Gui’s goal for 2016 is to learn how to sail so that he can sail around the world (either solo or in a team) in a couple of years. It’s an idea he has had since he first sailed in Tahiti as a kid.

Gui, is first and foremost a lovely guy, who has been working with us at depo8 since May last year. He is also a very talented sound engineer with skills that have diverse application.

His two main clients at the moment are Cochlear and Dolby. At Cochlear he is working as part of a team to help improve their bionic ear technology so that recipients can hear and communicate better in day-to-day life. And at Dolby he spends his time working on the latest licensed technology that might end up in your smart phone, PC, TV or cinema one day.

If you are after a eye opening, ear popping conversation make sure you say hi to Gui when you next see him.


Guillaume Potard runs Lofty Consulting and is based up on Level 1