Getting the most out of coworking




It’s no secret we love coworking (that’s why we started depo8!). It’s all about getting into a different space, meeting new people, and ultimately growing your business. So how do you make all these things happen while you’re there? We’ve put together what we think are the best ways to maximise your time in a coworking space:


The kitchen is where the action is

It’s tempting to jump into a shared workspace and start looking for people to tell about your business. Unfortunately, people who are there to get stuck into big projects or get things done for tight deadlines might not want to know about your amazing business (just yet).

The kitchen is a different story. More introductions happen in the kitchen of Depo8 than any other space in our office. Because it’s a break area, people are open to chatting while they drink their tea or make their lunch (rather than headphones on, trying to make a deadline). There’s nothing wrong with taking a couple tea breaks during the morning and saying hello!


Get social

You can’t spend all day hanging out in the kitchen, but events and social get togethers give you an opportunity to talk about ideas and really get to know other entrepreneurs. There are always events going on in Melbourne’s startup and entrepreneur scene, and they attract people who are passionate about business and want to chat (especially after a couple beers).


Tell your customers where you are

Being able to meet your customers at a professional space, rather than your home, can be great for business. Unfortunately, working from home can sometimes be seen as the sweet life, even though it usually means you’re in an office that never closes. Telling your existing clients or customers you’ve moved to an office that doesn’t have a bed will improve your perceived professionalism, and bringing potential customers to the space can help convert them into new customers.


Knuckle down

Besides networking and attracting new customers, the best thing about coworking is getting stuff done! No TV, no cleaning to do, and no Kids, makes it the perfect place to really get stuck into your work. Getting into the office nice and early and ticking a few big jobs off the list is always rewarding!

If you’re interested in checking out our coworking space or have any questions, contact us!