Naked Ambition


We’re keen to introduce the new girls about the office, go-getting company Naked Ambition.

Naked Ambition

The ladies that make up Naked Ambition are humble, unassuming and eager. They move around the depo8 office space with quiet determination. You get the sense they’re planning brilliant things that will make you want to step up your game. But what do the trio of beauties do? What is Naked Ambition? It’s probably best to start with their tagline, ‘…because ambition is not a dirty word.’

They’re keen to help further career development of females who are driven and talented but who need someone in their corner, coaching, supporting and cheering them through setting and achieving their career goals.

Sound like you? They run a series of workshops, seminars and coaching packages that will help the corporate queens of tomorrow realise their career goals today. Check out their website for further information or to speak to one of the fascinating females, each of their personal stories is worth a read!