Peek Studio


Tim and Dean are the two guys who run Peek Studio. They’re happy lads who have a bit of cool about them. Like you would expect to see them at an underground gig, beer in hand and talking about something current and hipster. Just check out their picture to see what I mean:


So what do they do? We let them loose on our questions to enable them to answer freely. Their responses are below: 

We provide both web and graphic design services, specialising in custom design, content management systems, ecommerce systems and web applications. We are a community-minded company that values integrity, dedication to our craft and progressive and sustainable solutions. 

And what made them decide to leave the home office and come to depo8? 

There were a few reasons to leave the home office. A major factor was work-life balance. Having that separation is important to us. It also helps with communication to be in the same room, you still can’t quite beat pointing at the screen. Another bonus that we are valuing more and more is the social and networking potential particularly in a place like Depo8. 

How do they manage the work between the two of them? 

Although it is easier when we are in the same room, we can’t always do this and have had to develop strategies to deal with it. Accountability and responsibility is key for us. Although we are a small business, we split up and define roles as if we were a large Company. We have designers and developers who report to a Project Manager. We also have Operations, Accounts, Project, Sales and Advertising Managers who report to the Vice Presidents of Finance, Operations and Marketing. They all report to the CEO. The CEO’s primary goal is to ensure the company’s core values are being upheld. It sounds a little silly since two of us are currently taking up all of these roles, but we find it really helps to have that accountability and responsibility for each of the important areas of running a business and it also means we are scalable. 

To help juggle a team, internally and contracting out, we use a project management tool to help split up, manage and assign tasks. Everything necessary for the project should be communicated and shared. For example, I think that if someone has to search through their own emails to find something that is relevant to the team, then we are doing it wrong.

Creative, organised AND business-minded? These guys are ones to watch out for… Want to work with Peek for free? Check out their selfless offer of giving $2000 worth of their time and expertise on their website here.