Georgie Brown from Joe Browns


We’re pleased to introduce you to our new depo8 member, British fashionista Georgie Brown.

Georgie Brown Joe Browns


She works at
She does Wholesale in Australia for Joe Browns, a family run fashion business based in the UK. Joe Browns are launching their ladieswear range for SS14 into Australia this month at Fashion Exposed in Sydney. The Joe Browns range is always vibrant, detailed and great quality.

As Georgie recently arrived in Melbourne from London, we wanted to find out how she is managing the overhaul of moving across the world and setting up a company in a new place.

How have you transitioned from working in London to Melbourne?

Wow – it is totally different. I worked for one of the Big 4 accountancy firms in London where you hot desk in an office of 1,000 and work within a department of 300. It made for a great Christmas party but I was constantly changing between different ‘projects’, as that is the nature of the job. As soon as I got to grips with one client, I was onto the next. I also had a minimum of a 45 minute commute on the tube and they are seriously busy at rush hour!

In contrast, I now work for a family run fashion company establishing wholesale in a new territory. I work partly from home and partly from Depo8 depending on the tasks I need to get done that day – my Mac is at home so any image work or selection is done there. I report to one manager in the UK, and as I am the only one on the ground in Australia they place a lot of trust in me to make decisions based on what I have learnt out here.

I am now 100% dedicated to one project, compared to the multiple projects at any one time in London, and I have immersed myself in working towards this one goal – which is the success of Joe Browns Wholesale in Australia. Although – I have broken this down into mini projects, eg, we launch at Fashion Exposed in a couple of weeks and so that is milestone No 1. I guess a lot of the changes have come with my career change so London vs Melbourne is quite difficult to compare! The best thing is that the commute to Depo8 is a 20 minute walk down chapel street – so a great improvement too!

Joe Browns Logo

How are you finding working alone instead of in a team? 

Initially, I found myself very excited from 6pm onwards waiting for Jamie (my Fiancé) to get home from work– but as I have got closer to the Fashion Exposed launch I have found myself very busy and on the phone a lot, so I don’t feel like I am working alone, I really haven’t minded it at all. If I have a day of admin where I don’t need to be on the Mac then I always make sure I go to Depo8 and have a coffee or lunch with the others there – even a table tennis game if I am lucky!

The Bad and The Good?

The Good – I love meeting new people that I would never have come across had I continued life on the beaten track in London, I love exploring Australia at the weekends, I love living so close to work, I love having a less hectic schedule at the weekends to take life at a slightly slower pace, I LOVE the COFFEE!

The Bad – I miss my family, I miss the big social events when 20+ mates would get together for a party, I miss cheap cider and I want a dog, but because of quarantine when we go home I can’t get one!

How are you finding setting a UK company up in Melbourne? 

The best bit about setting up a new brand in Australia is the fact that it is already established in Europe. I have had so much support from the team in the UK – they have done the artwork for Lookbooks, trade stand design, they have let me hold stock for my launch, shipped me samples – the list goes on, but they have generally been on the end of the phone when I need an extra opinion or fresh set of eyes.

It has also been key to use our European success stories when discussing the brand with potential customers in Australia, especially if they haven’t heard of us before. I am filled with confidence about the potential in Australia because of the wholesale success in Europe, and I have found that this is really important when launching in a new territory.

We wish Georgie all the best with setting up Joe Browns in Australia!