Government grants you didn’t realise you were eligible for


The new financial year is already flying by quickly and we wanted to share a contact with you to potentially help increase your cash flow through government grants.

Erz and I have worked with Bacchus for many years and Richard Yabsley (Rick) has helped us lodge successful government grants across three companies. Rick is really good at finding ‘eligible criteria’ for various grants that you otherwise would not have realised.

Bacchus specialise in the following government grants:

• Export Incentives
• Research & Development
• Commercialisation Australia
• Special Purpose Grants

A testimonial from one of their other regular clients, Albert Music:

“Albert Music is a diversified music publishing and services group and we have been able to utilise Bacchus services to review different entities of the group to prepare and submit R&D and Export market assistance on our behalf. They are hands on and have achieved great outcomes in a timely and cost effective manner.” Andrew Spencer – Chief Operating Officer, Albert Investments Pty Ltd

Rick is happy to talk to depo8 members about your business to see if he can help you get some cash back from the government for the activities you have been working on.

Feel free to get in touch with Rick, just tell him Jodie Imam sent you.