Stacey from InMobi takes us through her day


Stacey and Cal

My day starts early at 6am so I can burn into Prahran from the suburbs just in time for my 7:15 Pilates class at Kaya Health Club on Chapel. It’s still dark but it’s a great way to skip the morning traffic.

Well…. that’s the ideal start to my day! I’m not always great with routines LOL! Though I am trying. I’m getting married in Feb so operation bride diet is in full swing and thank god for Matt and Jazek at Cafe Barista on Carlton St., they’re always good for a morning laugh, plus they make the best latte and coconut yoghurt cup for brekkie.

From there I cruise into depo8, chat to my colleague Nicole about the latest news/gossip and finally decide to attack my 100 odd unread emails in my inbox. I’m an Advertising Sales Manager for InMobi. InMobi is a mobile technology company based in Bangalore, however our business in the Australian market is predominantly Mobile Advertising. We work with leading brands via key agency groups and represent leading Australian publishers across their msite and mobile properties including mi9, Mamamia, Yahoo7, ESPN, Shazaam and Words With Friends, just to name a few. I’ve worked in the wonderful world of media for 8 years! WOW time flies.

Following a morning of brainstorms, calls with the Sydney Head Office, and Skypes with India, Nicole and I try to get out for some lunch. Right now the meal of the month is Organic Chicken an Veggie Soup from Love & Nourish that sell their delicious personal fitness meals through the guys at Cafe Barista.

Stacey Scotchy

By 3pm Nic and I are usually getting a little crazy and need balancing out with a Camomile tea and ‘Scotchy’ (Scotch Finger), which is just enough sugar to get us through the rest of our day. I start the last leg of my daily commute around 5pm and hop straight on the hands free to friends and family, it’s a great way to catch up and forget about the hour long drive ahead.

Stacey plus pug

At the moment evenings are consisting of wedding plans and new business ideas/development with my fiance’ Callan. We’ve got a some great ideas for a few lil side projects we hope to get off the ground in the next 6 months. If there is any time in what seems a very long day from this post, I take Murphy my pug for a quick walk, then sit back on the couch with a glass of my Uncle Shane’s 2008 Pinot Noir from Brown Magpie Wines and catch up on my favourite Netflix Series. By 10pm I’m out like a light, contemplating whether or not I’ll get up at 6am to make it to pilates tomorrow morning.