Steve Sammartino says focus on the wood chips


On Wed 27th August Steve Sammartino shared with us his views on the entrepreneurial spirit and how all of us are entrepreneurs, deep down. defines entrepreneur as ‘a person who organizes and manages any enterprise’. Steve makes the point that all of us are in fact our own enterprise and rather than relying on one employer to validate our ideas we should focus on our side projects.

Samma DSC_8530 Group

To paraphrase Steve:

The effort tells the truth about your productive passions. Focus on the wood chips because we all have some form of wood chips we can leverage and generate revenue from. 

Samma DSC_8511 Focus

Steve Sammartino is an author, The Great Fragmentation and has been writing the popular Startup Blog for over five years. He is a speaker on the technology revolution and is a startup guy part of Tomcar Aust.