Plumbing Problems



My other half and I bought an apartment in St Kilda East over a year ago. It’s around 10 years old and we’ve had problem after problem with it. At one point, during the 40 degree week we ‘enjoyed’, the air con bust and I had three Nepalese men in my living room, bathroom, the courtyard and on the roof trying to uninstall the previous one and install a new one, none of them spoke English. This is just one of the examples of the tradesmen I’ve dealt with as Adam works full time in the CBD. So, when our kitchen tap needed replacing, I was keen for Adam to attempt replacing it. The guy at Bunnings said it was easy to do and everyone learns how to do it themselves. Armed with our new tap which cost over $100, and several YouTube tutorials later, the new tap was fully working and I was congratulating Adam on being a real man.

We went out that afternoon for drinks and got home later on that night. After eating, we went to bed. The following morning, I woke up at 7am and walked through to the kitchen, gasping for a cup of tea. The entire kitchen/living room was flooded. Apparently I stood staring at it for several minutes, in complete confusion. Had Adam mopped the floor earlier in the morning? Had I been drunker than I thought and done something silly? I padded back into the bedroom and asked him. After surveying the scene himself, we realised his tap changing skills weren’t perhaps as good as we initially thought. No water was coming out of the taps at all now. We went downstairs to get the mop and bucket to find the neighbour beneath us had left a note stating her apartment was flooded upon coming home at three in the morning and she had contacted Body Corp who had turned the mains off.

Oh sh*t.

After a big clean up, airing the rug out in our courtyard, several phone calls with Body Corp, profusely apologising to the neighbour and feeling guilty about her night out being abruptly sobered up when she stepped on her sopping wet carpets, plus a plumbing bill to pay to correct the tap, and a visit from the insurance guy I have learned to get the professionals involved, always. Even if they don’t speak English, the awkwardness will be worth it.