Out and about in Prahran


Some people call it being tight, some call it frugal, whatever label you want to throw on it, I, like many people in Melbourne, am watching my pennies or cents should I say. Whether you’re working part time like myself due to a course I’m studying or whether you’re just getting your business off the ground then you’ll know what it’s like to want to socialise and do fun things but not necessarily have a large disposable income to do so.

Well, fear not. Here are some ideas for you that won’t chip into your wallet so much…

Monday – Village Cinemas are doing a 2 tickets for $22 deal. They’re calling it Date Night, you can call it what you want, the cinema is outrageously priced usually so take advantage before they scrap this as they did with Cheap Tuesday’s.

Tuesday – Pick up some sushi for lunch or get it for dinner and take it to the beach or park to dine al fresco. Claringbolds in Prahran Market constantly have a queue for their deal of 8 pieces for $8. It’s located in the meat and fish section.

Wednesday – Get through your hump day with after work drink(s) at the Emerson rooftop bar. Although not the cheapest option in this post, it’s probably the most glamorous, reminding us of a Sydney rooftop joint, this is the best in the area. Treat yourself to a tipple here and watch the sunset.

Thursday – If you’re at depo8 then you may well work for yourself and thus set your own schedule. If that’s the case then check out the free exercise classes being ran in and around the gardens and parks of Prahran until early December. Near depo8 there is a class available on Thursday morning in Princes Gardens. Head over to this link and download the available pdf for further details.

Friday – Speaking of gardens, head to Victoria Gardens just off High Street for a game of football, a throw of the frisbee, a leisurely stroll or whatever you want to do there as long as it is legal. They are ranked Number 1 on Tripadvisor as things to do in Prahran.

And if you have any tips to add to this, shoot us an email on prahran@depo8.com.

Carmel x