Facebook unfriend etiquette?


Facebook Unfriend App Message
All this social media stuff gets me very confused. Who should I befriend?
Do they belong in my inner circle?
What happens when I don’t want them to see my recent holiday pics?
And when is it cool to delete a friend?

I recently made a comment on a ‘friends’ Facebook post and not long after I stopped seeing anymore of this ‘friends’ posts.
This puzzled me. I started to worry. Was it something I said in the comment on his post? I wasn’t a troll. I didn’t hate on the post. Maybe it was something I said to him in real life. What if this ‘friend’ no longer likes me? Am I really an asshole?

Then reality kicked in. The ‘friend’ was really a douchebag and it’s probably for the better.

But it did get me thinking. What is the correct way to unfriend someone on Facebook?
Thoroughly confused.


login to facebook > Go to setting > and click FU FRIEND > You no longer deserve to see my posts!