Rubbing shoulders


Every business faces growing pains. When to hire, who to hire, setting up the website, buying laptops, phones and one of the practical decisions we need to make is where to setup the office. Some people start by working from the dining table, or we jump in and out of cafes until business takes off, then we get a bit of cash in the door and we can justify committing to office space.

The options today are broad and varied. From the traditional route of negotiating a lease with a real estate agent to a flexible scenario in one of many new coworking spaces that are popping up around town.

When Jodie and I opened depo8 back in November 2012, one of the biggest motivators was to get us out of the house and into an environment where we can just have a chat with someone new. A place where we can share ideas, compare notes with other businesses, get tips, chat about the latest TV series on Netflix or just sometimes, go out and have a beer.

Two years on and as we continue to build depo8 into a bigger and more vibrant community I’m happy to have rubbed shoulders with some great people. And I’m pretty sure that if we kept working from home we never would have met:

  • a data scientist who worked on the Obama campaign
  • a guy who builds an app that gets downloaded by a million people
  • a goat farmer from New Zealand making baby formula
  • a team who flies corporate types on junkets all over Australia
  • NASDAQ listed startup types
  • startup guys and girls who are changing the world one car, coffee or dress at a time
  •  people helping to make remote communities self sufficient through solar
  •  companies helping to build brands through PR and communications
  •  amazing artists who create unique illustrations
  • right through to artists of the digital kind who produce unique websites and video content for clients
  • a fly in fly out geologist who lived in Melbourne, worked for a QLD mine and studied in Adelaide  
  • a bunch of extraordinary women helping young female entrepreneurs


… and the friends of friends that you inevitably get introduced to or bump into at one of the many events that we stumble upon along the way.

It’s a great way to work. A great way to live. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.