Straying from the Norm


I associate office jobs with a 9 to 5 routine, getting fat and lazy because I would be bored, would eat the wrong thing from the vending machine and would sit for hours at a time. When I started at depo8 I wanted to ensure that even though I was in an office space (albeit a co-working one!) I wanted to stray as far from my generalisations as possible. I thought I would share my tips on how I have managed to do that as I’ve found they make coming to work and staying at work enjoyable, and not just because I’m no longer working for a corporate!

Breakfast. Every dietician drums the message across that breakfast is the most important meal of the deal, and I agree. But more so because if you have the right breakfast, it will leave you with energy, and not reaching for something else as soon as you get to your desk.

Be prepared. Have lots of snacks on your desk or your bag, ready to reach for. It takes me some time in the morning, but what’s 10-15 minutes out of your day when you consider how much money you’ll save and weight you won’t gain! I take with me a banana, an apple, chopped up carrot sticks, a kiwi, a fruit and nut mix that I make using mixed nuts and dried cranberries and I take a couple of packets of green tea to stop me getting a coffee or drinking too much black tea.

I also make a fresh juice. I change it up every week (I would love to do so everyday but that would require thinking and I’m not the best at doing that in the morning time). This week as I have been on 3 courses of penicillin in succession, I have been having a juice high in Vitamin C – 1 orange, ½ lemon, ¼ lime, a carrot and a thumb size piece of ginger all put through the juicer. I add ice, put it into a bottle, wrap it in a carrier bag and put it in my bag. When I get to work I put it in the fridge and have it around 11am instead of my old tea and a couple of biscuits. Well, half a packet of biscuits if I’m honest. I eat/drink the above every couple of hours to keep me satisfied, I never feel hungry, I never want to go and get something and I no longer crave naughty things. I used to need a bar of chocolate around 3pm everyday, no joke. I’m embarrassed I used to succumb to this craving daily! I also have a filtered water bottle on my desk and I consciously chug water all day, I genuinely have found this helps with my concentration.

So that’s food and drinks taken care of. Exercise is next. I used to drive to depo8 but I now walk (weather permitting). It’s a 20-minute brisk walk and I invested in a good backpack to hold all of the above plus my laptop, notebook etc. I have found that by the time I get to work, I’m full of energy and keen to get started. I’m not stressed because I haven’t dealt with traffic (I have mad road rage) or parking issues. The walk home gives me a chance to leave work behind and I arrive home ready to enjoy my evening. Throughout the day I consciously get up from my desk and use the bathroom, refill my water and take a walk around the office. Luckily depo8 is spacious so it can take a few minutes and it gives me a chance to say hello to other co-workers.

D8 Coffee Morning.Still002

And finally, hours of work. If you’re in depo8 then you probably work for yourself or a start up. Thus you’re lucky to choose your own working hours to suit your schedule. If you’re a permanent member of depo8 you’ll have your own keys so you’ll be able to come and go as you please, whatever time you like. For instance, today I’m working from 2pm until 10pm, because it suits the schedule I have today, and that’s the job of being at depo8 and working for myself! So this isn’t rocket science, nor am I saying my way is the best way but, to repeat the statement I started with, I have found these changes have really improved my days!