BOLD talks and a shot of Tequila Tromba


The girls at Naked Ambition are involved in two great events in November. One involves tequila and another is with 500 bold female game changers.


Bold Talks 2014 plus Tequila Tromba

Business and Beers – ​​​​​The team at Liston Landers are hosting another one of their quarterly events at their in house bar (we like that) on Thursday 13 November 2014. Every quarter it features a growing business that talks about their journey, goals and challenges they’ve experienced along the way. This month they will host a Mexican themed drinks night with the team from Tequila Tromba – a Melbourne based startup educating the world on the real qualities of tequila. (we like tequila even more).

BOLDtalks Woman 2014 – is a female-led talks event at the Forum in Melbourne on Thursday 27th November 2014. It features 5 incredible female speakers with an audience of 500 people, all talking under the theme of game changers and risk takers.