Letting go of bad customers


I’m definitely not a fan of “the customer is always right motto” so that’s why I say the sooner you get rid of a bad customer the better it is for you, you’re morale, staff morale and business in general.

EDM Keyboard Bad Customers BLOG
It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us face in business. The bills start piling up, we haven’t quite hit our targets for the month and in comes a customer. We ignore the customers unreasonable demands. We don’t listen to that voice, the gut feel telling us what an asshole he is. And we proceed with accepting their business. The work starts to pile in, the unreasonable demands keep piling up to the point where¬†you pop.

The current new age hipster schooling at my kids kindergarten is a thing called “STOP. I DON’T LIKE IT” Kids are encouraged to raise their hand “STOP” and say “I DON”T LIKE IT” to the offending mongrel.

I like using this for unreasonable customers. Tell them that it’s time to stop. Because you don’t like their way of doing business. Just maybe hold off on the 4 year old girlie voice.

My tips for ending a relationship with a customer is simple:

  • Explain that you are no longer able to meet¬†their requirements.
  • Quickly settle any outstanding invoices even if it means refunding to bring the matter to a quick close.

Because here’s the thing. The unreasonable customers take away a disproportionate amount of your time compared to your best customers. And that’s bad business. And if you are always in the dumps moaning about that bad customer, you are never going to be in the right headspace to produce great work for your best customers.