Attention to detail


Kogan Photo DEC2014 Set BLOG
Last week I went along to an event to hear Ruslan Kogan speak. Ruslan is the founder of and love him or hate him … he has managed to build a successful business in selling consumer electronics to Australians at highly competitive prices. And along the way he has ticked off a whole lot of traditional retailers. Myer, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi to name just a few.

In between stirring up Gerry Harvey and making big public bets with the CEO of JB Hi-Fi, the thing that really stood out for me was Ruslan’s attention to detail. When asked how he managed the growth of the business and moving from micro managing to a higher level macro view, he explains that he has never stopped looking at the details. He tries to stay across all the detail whether it’s copy on the website, headlines in an email or pricing that is not correctly aligned on a page. He hates it when prices are centred on a page!

This attention to detail has also seen Ruslan spend time on his hands and knees inspecting TV’s as they come off the conveyor belt in China. He went so far as to follow the truck with the sealed container all the way to the docks. He justifies this high level of focus and attention to the minutest of detail as necessary in delivering the best level of product and service to his customers.

In a world where the trend is to outsource or delegate everything, it’s interesting hearing how the details are critical to the success of Kogan. Even if it comes at a price of being the ‘control freak micro managing boss’ who can be difficult a lot of the time.