What’s next Erz?

Erz talks a bit about his next project

Last year we were happy to announce the acquisition of Occasional Butler by Airtasker (read more here) and last month saw the final integration go through. Which means 2015 is a truly clean slate for me and a few people have been asking “What’s next for you Erz?”.

I’ve been kicking around a whole bunch of ideas from Dunny Run (a toilet paper subscription service) to Shoppd (a tilt on the old mystery shopping format) to going on a long trip to Vegas for a mates 40th birthday. Not so sure Vegas is really an option!

Not to say that I won’t work on any of these ideas or other crazy hair brained schemes but I have reached a point that goes beyond mild curiosity. After quite a few months of chit chat with Dave (Collect3) we have decided to run with a little project that lets us play with locks, apps, transistors and capacitors, things in the cloud and the internet of things.

It’s a pleasant and somewhat unexpected surprise for me to be kicking off a project with Dave. And nice to see the collaboration organically developing over time while coworking together at depo8.

It will be lean. Bootstrapped. It doesn’t have a name yet and it won’t have a 100 page business plan with a goal to capital raise and exit for a billion dollars.
Day 1 - Photo 12-01-2015 3 29 18 pm IT WORKS
Just a couple of like-minded lads trying to turn an idea into a business.

Drop by and I’ll be more than happy to share with you my dream.