Spontaneous Collaboration


I bumped into Oliver from Waldo Marketing over the weekend and we got to talking about how he has settled into the ground floor at depo8.

Oliver Collaboration IN BLOG

He has been busy setting up his business and has been fortunate enough to have some great people downstairs to help along the way.

Tim – Holopress – who has helped with last minute Photoshop and InDesign markup changes for brochures.

Rowena – Kinobi – who has added a Waldo Marketing skill set into a client proposal.

Callum – Graphic Designer¬†– who has used his graphic design skills to set a new creative direction for Oliver’s new website (Due to launch end May 2015).

Jodie is always schooling me on how I need to do more to be “a more effective community manager” and “what more can you do to help people¬†collaborate”. There’s a whole lot more on the list but I better just move on.

Some believe coworking is about creating environments for members to ‘collide’ which then leads to ‘collaboration’.

Obviously they’re going to ‘collide’. They work in the same office! But I’ve always thought that true collaboration is not something you can force on people. It just happens naturally. It takes time to get to know people, establish trust and to work out whether or not the other guy is a douchebag.

Well done Oliver for hooking up with a bunch of people who are kind enough to take time out of their busy schedules to help you along the way.

Best regards,
Erz your Collaborative Community Manager

“I part waves so that you can collide like ships in the night” – Celine Dion – I think!¬†