Slicing the pie


You’ve just started a new business with your friend and it’s time to talk equity. Who owns what percentage.Sliced-Pie FEAT
Is it a 90-10 Split? or 51-49 because that guy just has to feel like he has the slight upper hand.

I’m lucky to be in business with my new work wife Dave. We have embarked on a project called Nesk and in doing so the only fair way for us to start was as equal partners 50-50.

But your project or business idea might be more complex. You may have come up with the idea yourself and you feel you own a bigger stake in the company. Maybe you have early stage investors who are willing to kick in a bit of upfront cash to get you moving.

Thanks to Chris Peter’s from Annex Products for pointing out a really neat little book by Mike Moyer called Slicing Pie¬†This is a great resource for people in the early stages of business and helps you with a great bunch of tools from the book, spreadsheets and even an app to help you and your team keep track of how much real effort people are¬†putting into the business.