Dish Pigs


Dish Pigs – an innovative new product that helps keep the kitchen sink clear of dishes.

Dish Pigs 18-06-2015 FEAT 800x500

It is estimated that globally, two billion kitchen sinks are filled every day with dirty cups, plates and cutlery.
If we then factor in breakfast, lunch and dinner then close to 6 billion washups are occurring every day.That’s a lot of dishes.

But not everyone is washing up.

Which is why we have just purchased ‘Dish Pigs’ and will be installing it into the depo8 kitchens to help us all wash up.

Because why should we wash up our own dishes when ‘Dish Pigs’ is around.

Dish Pigs. Coming to a store near you. $59.99. Or just tune into Danoz Direct for the 25 minute infomercial that spruiks all it’s shiny features.