What’s with the long commute?


The long commute BW FEAT

My brother just told me the company he works for has decided to move the operations from Campbellfield to Dandenong South. The move effectively adds three hours of travel to his day. Don’t get me wrong about Dandy. I’m sure the food at Chunky Charlies in the Plaza is great. But three hours of extra travel time. That there is a deal breaker for me.

I’ve done my time on planes, trains and automobiles. (RIP John Candy you magician).

From walking forty five minutes in steel capped Dr Martens, up and down Dimboola Road to Broady Station to then have to catch a one hour five minute ride into RMIT via 15 shitty stations in between.

Or an hour and a half to cross Sydney via King Georges Road from Lakemba to North Ryde in my leaky Suzuki Sierra Soft Top.

The icing on the cake was the cow of a boss who demanded I be interstate, in front of the customer by 8:30AM each time I had a meeting. That’s a 3:30AM wake up to catch a plane.


The daily commute is over for me. I live in Prahran. Work in Prahran. Play in Prahran. Travel is still important. On occasion. To see customers or meet people. But three hours every day?

Time to quit bro!

The nature of work is radically changing and I’m fascinated with how cities evolve to cope with what some predict could be a fully flexible workforce within twenty years. No more corporate cubicle farms where people have to commute for hours each day.

Why can’t we work close to home?


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