Wake up at 3AM to see the latest from Apple


September is typically all about footy. But for nerds, September is the month that Apple makes big announcements.

Apple Keynote Live at depo8 3AM 9 Sep FEAT

This is going to be a big event. So I’m waking up early and heading over to depo8 to watch it on the big screen. Polly’s gonna put the kettle on and I’m whipping up a bunch of┬áham, egg and cheese rolls.

I’m sure a few other nerds will also drop in and if you are an insomniac and want to hear the latest:

depo8 Level 1 Boardroom
3 AM (yes that’s right. 3AM)
Thursday 10th September 2015

The reports point to a long awaited refresh of the Apple TV, a bigger iPad, an updated iPad mini and a new iPhone.

Yes, it is absurd to wake up so early to watch a bunch of dudes brag about their latest gadgets. But it’s Apple.

So head on up to Level 1.