Making ideas happen


Last week I was fortunate enough to witness Malcolm Turnbull put the ‘little l’ back into Liberal on the big screen at Fed Square. But this was just a side show to the main event.

Making ideas happen is a an event that was put together by Dr. Jason Fox and sits under the global banner of 99U.

99U is Behance’s effort to provide insights on making ideas happen. Behance is part of the Adobe family of products. Yep. The team that makes Photoshop.

Dr Jason Fox LGE

I crap on about my ideas all the time. New ideas. Old ideas. Other people’s big ideas that I think will change the world.

So much so that Jodie thinks we don’t get invited back to dinner parties because I talk too much about driverless cars, a new style of government or the future of work.

A couple of things that stood out for me at this conference was:

Gavin Aung Than – Taking someone else’s idea is perfectly ok. Just make sure you add your own personal touch to it. You are unique and this is where the twist lies. (Damn that sounds very Tony Robbins). Gavin takes the boring old inspirational quote and totally revamps it in his own personal cartoon style to create a cult following.

Amantha Imber – We can only make a finite number of quality decisions in a day. So don’t hold off the big decisions for too late in the day. Make them before lunch. Otherwise you run the risk of rushing into decision fatigue and that is definitely the worst thing for your project.

Dr Jason Fox – suggested we accept that self doubt is a good thing as it keeps us in a constant state of constructive discontent. Doubt keeps our imagination, curiosity and wonder in check to ensure we don’t drift too far from our main objective.

He points out a great tip to deal with our constant desire to work on new ideas and projects is to simply throw it out there into the future. Make a calendar note for 8 months into the future. A big bold task that has to get done. Even more potent is to make that task public. Write a blog, tweet or YouTube it. Three per quarter. And plan to fail at 50% of them. But just make sure you learn from the failure.

Great stuff all round. Some extra things worth checking out at some stage would be:

Gavin Aung Than @zenpencils is a cartoonist adapting famous quotes into comics.

Amantha Imber @amantha an is an innovation psychologist and founder of Inventium

Dr Jason Fox @drjasonfox is a motivation strategy and design expert who has some brilliant ideas on how to motivate people to make clever happen.


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