Don’t beat yourself up startups if you’re more like a wonky donkey than a unicorn


The hype over unicorns – startups with a 1 billion dollar plus valuation – is just that. Huge hype.

Crunchbase even have a Unicorn List specially dedicated to these private companies that have over $1 billion valuations. Check the list over here
*A special side note: InMobi and Campaign Monitor, who are on the Unicorn and Emerging Unicorns list, have a couple of great people working from depo8. Just sayin’!

But I digress. Don’t freak out if you wobble about more like a wonky donkey than a legendary unicorn. At the start of any business we are trying to find our feet. Who are our customers? Do we have a product that people see value in? It’s about experimentation. Testing new ideas. Going back to the drawing board and then retesting to get more feedback from our customers.

Building a business is never easy. We are twisting and turning and constantly looking for the magic potion that will unleash the value that the whole world will see.

So quit your fist pumping and proclamations on becoming the next big white unicorn and get on with building a business. One small step at a time. With all the highs and lows that come with the ride.

And when you have millions and millions of customers, billions in revenue and a solid outlook for profitability, you too may spontaneously convert into a unicorn and Techcrunch will write about you.


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