Thank you


We are very excited to say we are just about a full house here at depo8 so we wanted to say a big thank you to all of our members for your support. We are so lucky to be able to come to work with such a great bunch of people everyday. From milk producers to medical journalists we have such an interesting group with skills reaching from web development to posy production.

For your reference here is a list of all our permanent members and their company details:

Ground Floor
InMobi – Nick, Matt, Callum, Suresh and Nellie
Anna Hill Events and Communication – Anna and Katey
Wisk Digital / Web Renovators – George, Francis and Julian
Topacar – Chris, Des and Dave
Annex – on the other side of the great wall of china – Rob, Chris, Ben, Joel and Jacinta

First Floor
LVLY – Verity, Hannah, Caitlin, Sarah
depo8 / Nesk / Innovation Bay Melbourne – Yours truly – Jodie and Erz
Rush Events – Tim and Danielle
Project PR – Lainie, Alicia, Rhys and Tory
Collect3 / Nesk – Dave
Drive Digital Consulting – Brad
Campaign Monitor – Disha
Aaron LeCompte – Aaron LeCompte
Lofty Consulting – Guillaume Potard
BBC Worldwide Advertising – Robert and Quinn
Social Eazie – Peter
Plantweave – David
MedicineX – Amanda
Brass Antlers – Tim
Integ8iv – Newlin, Nathan, Alisa, Jake and Kati
Rae Kutrolli – Rae Kutrolli

We also have 163 Nesk members at depo8 (growing daily) so many skill sets amongst us. Just reach out to Erz or myself if you need help with anything, I am sure that between us we have it covered.

And don’t worry we are busy designing new workstations to create more space for our growing teams and Nesk members. Feel free to ask Erz anytime about how this build is coming along 😉

Big big thanks
Jodie and Erz