Member Profile: Alicia from Project PR

Alicia from Project PR tells us what she’s up to

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“Project PR has called depo8 our home for the past 4 years…we’re so happy to be self proclaimed ‘Favourite Foundation Clients’ and know we’re lucky to have our ‘Dad’ (Erz) around to move my giant car around the downstairs car park every time I can’t fit into my designated space!We have several different clients and mostly play in the health and lifestyle space. If you want to get fit (and skinny) come and see us! We represent Jenny Craig, Varidesk (standing desks from the US), ENJO (Australia’s leading chemical free cleaning products – all you need is water) and, fancy a hit of golf? Sandhurst Golf and Health Club as well as a few more.

What do I want to plug? A PR agency with a difference. A lot of people have had a bad experience with PR and therefor are hesitant to give it another go. At Project PR we are realistic, we don’t over promise and more importantly we don’t overcharge. We get outstanding results for our clients and have never, ever spent a cent of advertising – word of mouth and positive referrals have built the business and this is something I’m so proud of! One last plug is for media training – as a former TV reporter this is something we also offer at Project PR. Too many people agree to doing media interviews having had no training or practice. Generally, these people are never asked back. If you are going to be interviewed for TV, radio or print you need to get it right, the first time. Learning how to own an interview and convey your key messages are imperative, otherwise what’s the point?

When I’m not working I’m being a Mum and dreaming about one day getting some sleep! I have two gorgeous boys (7months and two) who keep me very busy, so busy there isn’t much time for anything else. But of course I’m loving every moment…and now on that note, I’m off to bed.”

We are happy to have Alicia’s smiling face back in the office after some recent maternity leave, whilst her business partner Lainie has her turn with maternity leave following the arrival of her gorgeous baby girl Georgie last month. Exciting times for Project PR!