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Meet Nick depo8’s latest member

Nick Brignell JUL16

Nick is part of the Inmobi team based on the ground floor. Inmobi has been one of our longest continuous members at depo8 with a bunch of really swell guys and gals – Nelly, Verity, Matt, Nick, Dan. This is just one of their stories.

So InMobi has been at depo8 since before my time (since August 2013), we are the occasionally loud and occasionally inappropriate mob that sit downstairs in the corner, come over and say hello.

For the peeps at depo8 that don’t know what we do; InMobi is a mobile advertising network. We have offices in around 20 countries and serve advertising in 190 countries. In Oz we can reach into roughly 12M unique devices (phones). We specialize in location, footfall, audience and contextual targeting.

So InMobi Melb is hard at work servicing all the tier one advertising agencies in M-town. Right at this moment, as in today, we are busy working on clients like Disney, Nike, BMW, Cricket Australia, GE Money and Vagisil. They are just a small cross section of the brands we work with.

What do we want to plug? Relevant industry data tells us that nowadays mobile is the number 1 screen across all things digital and over 80% of all searches in Oz happen now on the mobile phone. We know as well as anyone the mobile landscape can change weekly, so if anyone has any questions on how they can harness the power of mobile for their clients we are always happy to have a chat and answer any queries you may have. 

When i’m not working I have a pretty keen interest in sport, in particular NBA, Cricket, Boxing and AFL. I collect sneakers too, much to the chagrin of my wife. I have about 60+ pairs that I have stooked in various places around the house. I also like to watch the horses and I own a few racehorses as well, so watching them run around can get the heart racing. But the main thing that gets my heart racing is being Dad to my 8 week old baby girl, Tessa.