Member Profile: Tim Davis

Get to know Tim … 


Tim has been with us for a while now and is currently based up on Level 1. He is from Brass Antlers and helps companies by creating strong brand, logo design and websites. Tim tells us what he’s up to and the projects he’s currently working on.

“At the moment I’m working hard to develop my own website. It has been under development for too long. I’ve been working on a fun new logo and brand design for Frozen Fish Design with Brad of Digital Drive. I’ve also recently started working on a new logo design for ASMF (the Australian Security Medals Foundation) – Thanks Jodie for the referral to Zoe, another Depo8 regular.”

“I’m often working on sundry, collateral designs for a variety of clients which keeps me busy when I have no bigger projects on. My clients range from archaeologists to IT support companies, to Scandinavian furniture restorers.”

“The most enjoyable aspect of graphic design, for me, is brand development and logo design. It requires a lot of research and thought to do properly. A brand and logo become the foundation for any aspirational enterprise and they should set the tone for marketing. If you brand doesn’t stand out you’ll waste your marketing budget trying to.”

On top of all the design work we also asked what he gets up to during his spare time:

“Not much at the moment. I have a one year old daughter who I like to spend as much of my free time with as possible. My hobbies are so closely aligned with my work that the line between work & leisure is quite blurred in my life. I follow. I like to follow #caferacers on instagram to check out things I’ll never be allowed to own.”

One word that sums up his personality?“Pragmatic”