Member Profile – Clement


Clement from Smoke Alarms Australia tells us what he’s been up to

Clement SMOKE ALARM 800x500
Clement and the team from Smoke Alarms Australia have been with us since December 2015. The team are usually in on Monday’s and you can find them up on Level 1.
Originally from France, Clement stays true to his gentlemanly European ways by spoiling his wife and himself with movies or shopping and generally socialising with friends. He also takes the first opportunity to travel overseas during holidays. So French. So chic! What a treat!
So what keeps Clement here in Melbourne?
He is managing a small team across the country and working with Real Estate agencies to ensure smoke alarm compliance is met for rental properties. More than 150,000 rental properties joined Smoke Alarms program in the last 4 years and unfortunately 48% of these premises resulted in being non compliant, whether the smoke alarms were faulty, expired, damaged or missing, potentially leaving property occupants at risk.
So don’t be flippant. Or a tight arse. If that darn smoke alarm is annoyingly chirping away at you, call Smoke Alarms Australia and get it checked out. It’s only $99. We did. And now my family sleeps comfortably at night, safe in the knowledge thatClement and his wonderfully sparkly smoke alarms are ready to detect the tiniest bit of smoke in our home.