March Boardroom Session – Getting the most out of LinkedIn with Madi Talent Studio


This week Lisa Pratt, Founder of Madi Talent Studio gave us great tips on how to improve our profiles and get the most out of LinkedIn. Here are the highlights:

  • Use a Banner image that reflects the business you are in or skill set you have
  • Use a professional photo that clearly shows your face
  • Use a headline that reflects who you are / what skills you have rather than just your job title
  • Spend time and energy on your summary. This part of your profile will get more attention than the list of jobs you have had that sit below your summary. Talk about who you are, your journey, the things that give you credibility, any awards you have.
  • Give and request recommendations. These are your online reference checks.

This session revealed to me that I have lot of work to do on my LinkedIn profile.