6 Concrete Naming Techniques to Make Your Brand Standout from Others by Grant Polachek


6 Concrete Naming Techniques to Make Your Brand Standout from Others thanks to Grant Polachek, Squadhelp.

In order to succeed in any competitive industry, you will need to find a way to distinguish your business from those around you. One of the easiest ways you can do this is by finding brand name ideas that are original, memorable, and immediately appealing to your target audience.

Coming up with effective brand names is as much of an art as it is science. There are a lot of different variables you will need to take into consideration, and generating the perfect name for your business may require you to look at it from different angles. By taking the time to understand these unique naming techniques that the team at Squadhelp.com has learned from working on more than 15,000 naming project, you can move closer to finding a name that can help you succeed:

1) Research your competition and do something different

The effectiveness of a given brand name will depend on how much it distinguishes your organization from others like it. Instead of simply jumping onto the industry bandwagon, you may be much better off looking at where certain trends are going now, and instead try to be a trendsetter.

2) Utilize a test audience

Taking the time to test your brand name with an audience of potential clients can help you avoid the costs and hassle associated with changing it in the future. Before conducting any sort of market testing, it is a good to come up with a list of multiple company name ideas and then see which ones actually stick.

3) Back away from using neutral names

Though some people choose neutral names for their business because are trying to avoid offending anyone, what they are really avoiding in this case is making any sort of lasting impression.

4) Consider using emotional or visual names

One of the best ways to get someone to remember the name of your company is by attaching the name to a specific emotion or visual image. Names such as Ice Mountain or Blue Buffalo are easy to remember because the moment you hear them, an image pops into your head. And emotional names like Promise Hill or Waverlust (created by he Squadhelp.com naming community) connect deeply by using emotive words like Promise and Lust.

5) Find outside inspiration

Doing things such as looking over lists of brand names ideas or creating a naming contest can inspire you to find a name that is the perfect fit. Once you can see potential options that are available, it will be easier to find a name for your business that is both appropriate for the industry and remarkably distinct.

6) Be willing to take risks

Starting a business is naturally something you should only do if you are willing to take risks. Those who simply mimic the names of other competitors fail to distinguish themselves and have a much more difficult time entering the market. Though being creative is something that may appear to be risky, when done correctly, it can certainly pay off.


Each of these different naming techniques represents a proven ways to help you come up with a name that will last. The important thing you can do as a business owner in a competitive industry is show that you are distinctively different from your competitors. By utilizing multiple approaches to the naming process, you can stand out from those who overlooked its importance.


Grant Polachek is the Director of Marketing at Squadhelp.com, helping entrepreneurs and marketers name their businesses (quickly and easily), create strong brands, and grow faster through a disruptive crowdsourcing process that connect them with the most creative people across the globe. Check out hundreds of winning business name ideas and get inspired.