Last month I had the great pleasure of attending our boardroom session with Paula Bailey. Paula boldly starting the session saying this session will change your life. And for me, it has.

Paula proceeded to talk about disrupting goal setting and telling us that she was not going to be setting goals with us. I was intrigued.

Tips for effective goal setting o throwing the whole reason we were there out of the window she proceeded to tell us we were going to talk about us as individuals and our core values.

Paula gave us some great clues on how to identify our values including:

1. Answer the following questions

What do you always have time for?

What do you love to talk about?

What do you always find the money for?

How do you fill your home?

There were many more, but I focused on these.

2. Rank your answers

The next step was to rank the top 8-10 until eventually we got to our top priorities in life.

3. Write down one goal

We were then asked to write down one goal.  Big or small. We went around the table sharing what we had written; mine was “To build a successful business from my side hustle www.plaates.com “. Others said to reach their sales target for April, make time to meditate, employ staff …

4. Check if the goal aligns to your values

Next was to check back, did that goal align with our values? My top values were family, friends, good food so yes, yes and yes for me.

5. Rewrite the goal as if you have achieved it already

Then we rewrote the goal as if we had already achieved it with a deadline.  “I have built a successful plaates business and have achieved my life goals of travel, time & freedom to spend with family and friends by 2020.

What happened next was magic … but I’m sorry, “what goes on tour stays on tour”.

After the session I felt immediately energised and confident in being able to achieve this goal. I also felt much closer to those in the room who shared their value and goals. There was a range of emotion displayed from laughter to tears.

If this wasn’t life changing enough Paula then gave me a little tip on how to “stop eating cookies at 10pm at night”. She said if you tell yourself to stop eating cookies after 10pm at night the brain just hears cookies and 10pm at night. And this is exactly what my brain was hearing.

Instead you need positive affirmations like I want to sleep well and feel more energetic and slim tomorrow. When you have this affirmation the brain can connect to it and decide not to eat the cookies. I haven’t had cookies at 10pm at night since.

Paula has been a member at depo8 for many years, mostly using our boardroom to hold one on one sessions and group sessions like the one we experienced. Paula mostly works with female founders but the rules apply for blokes too.

To learn more about Paula check out her website http://www.paulabaileylive.com/

depo8 coworking runs monthly boardroom sessions for our members to help them connect to like minded coworkers and learn new tips and tricks for improving their business and personal success. If you are interested in learning more about coworking at depo8  please get in touch at  www.depo8.com or call me on 0412 218 218.