I love a good old pro’s and con’s list and this topic is a daily discussion for me at depo8. Normally when people come to depo8 because they need a break from home. Here are the most common points in our discussions:


  • You can stay in your pj’s all day, especially in winter
  • You can get a load of washing or two done whilst working, a big one for us working mums
  • You get to be home when the delivery guy or tradie comes
  • There is no commute
  • You can take breaks whenever you want
  • You can pat the cat or dog throughout the day


  • You can stay in your pj’s all day – this can have a negative mental effect
  • It feels as though you are working all day yet not getting much done due to the endless distractions like the dishwasher, TV, garden
  • The dog or cat keep demanding attention
  • It can start to feel lonely and isolating
  • The work day doesn’t end, its hard to switch off and often you can find yourself working into the night.

My tip on having the best of both worlds is to set up a great home office seperate to the kitchen or bedroom if you have space and break up your week with some time at a coworking space.

Many of our members find that they do so much more effective work at depo8 than they do at home. I have had the same experience. I think its the fact that everyone around you is working and the fact that its a large open space which gives me the feeling of energy and enables me to feel productive and creative.

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