Member Profile – Sar Ruddenklau

Spoiler- amazing member profile
Sar has been working on and off from depo8 since August 2016. When we first met Sar, she was working with an agency plus her own list of clients from tiny little badly rating TV shows like The Block and a dinky tennis tournament called the  Australian Open.
Sar joined forces with an exciting creative agency in South Melbourne last year to work on super dooper projects and as of a few months ago, we are very excited to have her back, sharing her lovely vibes around the place.
Sar is a graphic motion illustrator and all round great gal! Always smiling and bubbly and willing to help with anything from a spare band aid (literally) from the bottom of her handbag to stories of underground excavations of hundreds of hundred year old teeth.
Since back at depo8 Sar has picked up a new very cool project with and has a new lunch crew and bunch of friends which I am stoked to be part of.
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