Member Profile – Dave Fumberger

Introducing one of our awesome members Dave Fumberger. Dave started at depo8 back in 2013 with his company Collect3. Collect3 has been a pioneer in the iPhone app space since the very first phone was released back in 2007. With the two standouts on the app store being Beatwave 2 and Video Safe 2. Nifty if you’re into creating music and accessing your video library from multiple devices.
Dave has since joined the team at Zova, which is a personal trainer app that includes workouts from 3 to 30 minutes. The main team is based in Sydney but you might have seen Dave and Jerrold floating around depo8 on their daily standup meetings via facetime into Sydney. Jerrold Poh also worked at depo8 independently prior to joining Zova with his company Blue Cottage Software. But more on Jerrold on another day.
When Dave met Erz a few years ago, they pretty quickly set out to eat at every new pub, cafe, lunch spot in Prahran. They do this everyday. In amongst all this talk talk they discovered a need from many of the depo8 daily casual members were asking for. Together they came up with Nesk. Nesk is an app that allows members to check into depo8 desks by the hour and allow for payments on the spot. Dave’s amazing design skills have contributed to the success of this option at depo8 with over 470 members signed up.
Dave is not only a design whiz and apple fan boy. He is an active contributor to our community, always a willing participant at coffee’e, lunches and events. A great guy to hang out with.