The Magic or Coworking


The thing I love most of all about coworking is seeing and hearing about the magic that happens.

Dan from First Move
depo8 members

Chatting with one of our members late last year I discovered another example of this. Dan from First Move kindly ran one of our Boardroom Sessions (a monthly info session we run for members with members or external experts). Dan’s topic was in his field of expertise, Shopify.

Dan walked us through how to easily and effectively set up a Shopify cart  and showed us some special hidden (not so easy to find)  features that he has discovered through his work. One of our Nesk members (desk rental by the hour) Henry, came along and after the session the two connected. 

Chatting to Dan I learnt that the conversation continued with Henry and had recently resulted in an introduction to one of Henry’s contacts that soon became a new big client for First Move!!

Dan has now hired a new employee, in fact his first employee to help him with the growing demand for First Move’s services. Caitlyn is starting at depo8 next month. Its exciting times for First Move and for us. 

For me there is nothing more rewarding than being able to help facilitate connections that really help small businesses grow. 

Dan says, its the reason he moved out of his home office but he didn’t expect it to make this much of a material difference to his business … magic!