Get a plant. You’ll feel better.


Indoor plants are all the rage at the moment, everyone’s filling their homes with pot-plants, there are trees growing inside office buildings – from my desk right now I can even see plants hanging from the ceiling! We’re constantly surrounded by beautiful greenery and absolutely loving it, but did you know that indoor plants provide benefits far beyond the aesthetic?

A recent study has found that having plantlife in the office has hugely positive effects on employees, both psychologically and physiologically. Having plants around has been shown to reduce tension, anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger and hostility – which in turn increases productivity and creativity, making both the space you’re in and those you’re surrounded by far more pleasant.

Indoor plants work as a filter cleaning the office air. This means happier, healthier employees, taking less sick days, with indoor plants being attributed to a 50% drop in absenteeism in reports. Being surrounded by cleaner air also reduces dry skin, meaning that we don’t all just feel better, we look better too!