Twitter: free marketing or a waste of time?


Navigating your way around the ever-growing web of social media is getting harder by the day. New social media sites are popping up every day and it’s impossible to have a presence on them all, so working out which platform works best for your business is paramount.

One of the platforms that big business loves but smaller businesses seem more skeptical of is Twitter. So let’s take a deeper look into whether a Twitter account could be worthwhile for your business.

How old is your target market? As with most forms of social media Twitter is used predominantly by Millennials, with 40% of Millennials actively using the site. The older your target market is, the less likely they are to be using Twitter.

Do you have a customer service department? According to Twitter, 80% of global customer service requests are made through their platform. No phone calls and no hold-time, Twitter allows customers to log in, post their query, and then get on with their day. The fact that your customer service is now done publicly can also be a benefit, as it allows you a chance to showcase your amazing customer service skills to potential customers. And don’t forget to check if your competition have a public Twitter page; reading their complaints and feedback can be a great way to gain some insight.

Is your brand fun and laid-back? As a general rule, the posts that garner the most attention are the funny ones, so you really can’t take yourself too seriously on Twitter. By joining Twitter you’re also opening yourself up to the world of online trolls, so having a more laid-back attitude and not over-reacting to these online pests is crucial.

Statistics have shown that 60% of a brand’s Twitter followers are more likely to recommend that brand’s products to a friend or purchase themselves, and starting up an account is free – so why not at least give it a go!